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A new website process typically goes like this...

meet and scope

1 Meet & Scope

We'll meet with you at our studio to discuss your project, taking the time to listen and understand your business. From there we'll create a plan of attack and provide a quote for you to ponder.

ideas and research

2 Ideas & Research

Once you've accepted the quote we'll begin researching your industry and scoping out your competition. We'll push and pull ideas as we eat, sleep and dream about your project.

design and structure

3 Design & Structure

This is where all the ideas and objectives come together in a visually stunning way. We'll make sure everything's structured and organised to put your product or service in the best light.

develop and test

4 Develop & Test

Here we code up and build your website to make it sing and dance. It'll be optimised for all modern web browsers, including tablets and smartphones - if that's what you desire.

launch and promote

5 Launch & Promote

We'll prepare your website for take-off, ready to be found in Google and shared on social networks. We can develop your MailChimp email newsletter campaigns and advertise your website online.

support and refine

6 Support & Refine

Post-launch we'll keep your website running 24/7 and provide you with ongoing support. They say "a website is never finished", so we can help to fine-tune and refine it over time.