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The goal of the new site was to bring cohesiveness across devices and the mobile experience. New components needed to be incorporated into the new design and it was important that the UI was streamlined so content could remain the focus.

Searching wheels by vehicle

With an extensive range of products and brands, allowing dealers to communicate with their customers easily was an important part of the new website. We have been able to achieve this through the new email wheels toggle that can be enabled when browsing wheels and tyres.

Redesigned accessories

The accessories section had a complete overhaul so products could be more clearly identified, categorised and labeled. Dealers can now easily navigate around the section and find the products they are looking for. A labelling system was integrated into SilverStripe where the client can tag products that are on special or newly added.

Redefining the mobile experience

The majority of the new site was designed mobile first. Working on a small canvas helped by constraining the amount of elements allowed on a page and to only incorporate what was necessary.

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