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Website Wellness: SEO for the time-poor, results-driven marketer.

04 Mar 2024

We get it; SEO can be daunting, time-consuming, and hard to measure. That’s why we’ve launched the Website Wellness initiative. We want to help marketers get more from their websites and thrive online by simplifying SEO with clear actionable improvements for quick wins, like how to optimise your meta descriptions for higher click-through rates.


Just like your competitors, you’ll be working hard and spending up to get the right kind of traffic visiting, engaging, and ultimately converting on your website. Without proper care, your website could be hurting your digital marketing efforts and costing you hard-earned traffic, not to mention advertising dollars.


With a little expert advice and some practical insights, Black Sheep can help you use Website Wellness as your unfair advantage to claim more traffic and market share. We’ll audit your whole website with advanced analytics tools to outline clear actionable insights about your technical SEO strength and check Core Web Vitals on your key landing pages to help you get more organic traffic and better returns from paid marketing efforts.

Take your SEO beyond “being #1 on Google” ☝️

Everyone aspires to be the top result. But what does that even mean? #1 for what keyword? At any cost? For how long? In which location? We won't promise the impossible but we do know that making a few small changes to improve your website’s health often leads to tangible improvements in search rankings for your target keywords. It starts with knowing the changes that make the biggest difference and doing the basics right. You’ll be formidable with a high-performance website and a solid SEO strategy.

Take your SEO beyond “paying for traffic” 💸

Yes, advertising is a fast and effective way to drive traffic to your website. It’s also expensive, especially if your website has hidden issues hampering your efforts. And that traffic is only there as long as you keep paying the bills. Investing in Website Wellness makes getting traffic more cost-effective. The more you build your SEO and fine-tune your website, the better you’ll rank in organic search results and strengthen your brand position, earning you traffic you’re not having to buy. Think of SEO as a snowball – start small, build momentum, pick up speed, don’t look back.

Take your SEO beyond “the dark arts” 🪄

Our mission is to help brands thrive online. We believe in doing things well, not into cutting corners or cheating the system with rubbish content and dirty tactics. What we will do is help you understand what Google rewards when ranking websites to prioritise in search results and find easy wins that give you quick results. Taking the time to optimise your website with a solid content strategy built around the right keywords can give your brand the competitive advantage by levelling the playing field in your niche market. Creating quality content and building reputable backlinks position your brand as a trustworthy authority in your market and raise your ranking in search results.

Take your SEO beyond “set and forget” 🔁

In life as it is with SEO, change is the only constant. New websites are launched. Competitors change their website. Google updates their almighty algorithm (how websites are ranked in search results). User behaviour defies logic. Technology evolves again and intelligence becomes artificial. Never fear, Black Sheep is here to support you with tips for staying ahead of the game and demystify the bamboozling minefield of technical jargon. With us at your side, your website can live her best life and the glory is all yours.

Make today the day you show your website some love.

Websites don’t look after themselves. If you want to thrive online, a little TLC goes a long way. Get your Website Wellness report today and task Black Sheep to improve your website performance for better digital marketing returns. Love your website and it will love you back.

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