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Healthy, high-performing websites get better results. Give your digital marketing efforts the best shot at success.

Don’t let poor web health cost you hard-earned traffic

You’ll want your website in top shape to get the best results from your investment in paid advertising, digital marketing, and social media. With a little TLC, you can avoid hidden website issues costing you hard-earned traffic and wasting your ad spend.

Many common issues affecting SEO aren't easy to see so let’s take a look under the hood of your website to find any opportunities for improvement like slow loading pages, find-ability in searches, or outdated technology.

Our team is certified in SEO & GA4 so we know what to look for, where to find it, and what to do to fix anything that’s out of sorts. Even better, we’re fluent in plain english so we’ll explain why it matters in simple terms and give you practical tips on ways to show your website some love so it'll love you back.

Quick Check-up


A mini-report with recommend fixes for the top 5 issues offering the most improvement. This special offer is limited to one website per customer in New Zealand until 30 June 2024.

  • Full audit of your website
  • PageSpeed check on your top landing page
  • Top five recommendations for improvement
  • Quotes for top five recommendations
  • Email with PDF report
  • Actually fixing any issues found
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Full Diagnostics

NZ$1,800 +gst

A detailed, comprehensive report with a full list of recommendations for all issues, prioritising the ones likely to give the most bang for your buck.

  • Run full diagnostics tool on entire website
  • PageSpeed check on top landing page
  • Heuristics review of UX by designer
  • Insights from your Google Analytics
  • Prioritised list of recommended improvements
  • Quotes for all recommendations
  • Advice on anything you can fix yourself
  • Video call to walk through findings + Report PDF
  • Actually fixing any issues found
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Common Website Wellness issues we check for:

Indexing & crawl-ability issues 👀

Only content Google can index will help you get found in searches. We’ll ensure Google can see everything that should be found and nothing that shouldn’t.

Identify any bad redirects 👀

Pages & files get moved around often leaving dead-ends and long redirect chains. We’ll check routing to ensure Google has the shortest path to content.

Localisation issues 👀

We’ll check your pages are using the right language settings, canonical references, return links, valid URLs, and hreflang settings for your target audience.

Encoding & technical factors 👀

We’ll check for issues with security certificate configuration, mobile friendliness, conflicting canonical URLS, and W3C HTML & CSS errors.

URL issues & link health 👀

We’ll check URLs and links to ensure they’re not too long, structured & formatted well, aren’t broken, and are easy for people to read and understand.

Image compression & issues 👀

Images are often much larger than they need to be, slowing page loads and causing layout shifts. We’ll check for opportunities to optimise images and performance.

On-page SEO & meta data issues 👀

We’ll check your page titles, descriptions, alt tags, and heading hierarchy are the right length, in the right order, not missing, and working to help your keyword strategy.

Core Web Vitals issues 👀

We’ll use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to check on issues affecting performance, user experience, accessibility, SEO, and best practices on desktop and mobile devices.

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