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A website with that new car smell befitting Palmerston North’s premier vehicle dealership, Cartown.


Framing the problem

Having seen what we’d done with another reputable car dealership, Cartown came to Black Sheep armed with a wish list of ideas for a new website they could be proud of. 

Their old website lacked a professional and polished design, impacting Cartown's credibility and digital branding presence as Palmerston North's premier dealership. 

Unpacking the brief

Our kick-off workshop quickly revealed Cartown wanted a flexible website to help the people of Palmerston North find their perfect next car by showcasing their flagship brands and searching used car listings, promoting their supporting services, and reflecting their brand as loveable local legends.

Challenge accepted!


"The team understood what we were trying to achieve better than we did and made sure to ask us forward-thinking questions throughout the project."

Ebony Tunui-Ravji

Designing an ideal solution

Creating wireframes provided clear blueprints of layouts and defined conversion funnels guiding users to find and test-drive their ideal vehicle; an incentive-driven call to action.

Design prototypes demonstrated how to achieve balance between dealership and vehicle brands to confidently position Cartown as Palmerston North’s premier destination for MG, GWM, and Haval. Strong blacks & whites with accents of brand red and dynamic imagery work together to give the Cartown website a sense of energy, excitement, and class while playful copywriting and a focus on trustworthy service play to their relatable, friendly personality.

Integration with Magix, Cartown’s vehicle database automates the online stock listings of vehicles for sale, searchable with simple and advanced options to help buyers find exactly what suits them.

Set up for sucess

Cartown’s new website was designed and built with versatile content elements and the power of Silverstripe to help Cartown confidently self-publish content that’s visually engaging and consistently on-brand as they expand their offering with more vehicle brands and electric vehicle ranges.

Handover training sessions and Black Sheep’s support channels provide the Cartown team ongoing peace of mind. 

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